During a recent sermon, Prophet Kofi Oduro, the head pastor of Alabaster International Ministries, criticized the trend of extravagant white weddings.

In a speech to his congregation, he emphasized the significance of making wise financial decisions, particularly when it comes to weddings.

He criticized the increasing expenses of white weddings, suggesting that the money could be better spent on projects to improve people’s livelihoods.

“The expenditure on white weddings after traditional ceremonies is not prudent,” he said.

He highlighted how excessive spending on weddings has deterred many men from pursuing marriage, citing the financial strain imposed by extravagant ceremonies.

“I don’t believe in that white wedding,” Prophet Oduro added. According to the man of God, extravagant weddings with multiple bridesmaids and flower girls are unnecessary.

He believes it’s an unwise use of resources, especially when couples are starting their new life together.

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