A young music producer whose name has been given as Poppin has lashed out at Kwame Yogot for claiming ownership of Kuami Eugene’s latest song, Canopy.

Kuami Eugene, after his accident, released a song to thank God for his life and also make the world aware that he has the protection and grace of God.

However, after the song was released, Kwame Yogot claimed ownership of it.

He says it was supposed to be a collaboration between them and is shocked that Kuami Eugene took his verse off and released the song without his knowledge.

But in a video circulating, Poppin, the producer who worked on the song, said Kwame Yogot has no right over the song.

According to him, the song belongs to Kuami Eugene, and therefore, Yogot has no right to chide the artiste for taking his verse off and releasing the song without him.

The producer is urging Kuami Eugene to sue Kwame Yogot for tarnishing his image.

“You know the song is not yours, and you have no idea about the song. Me, who is the producer, I’ve not spoken. Making people post these things is not good. You should think about the future and stop doing this thing. If I were Eugene, I would have sued you. You are a big brother, so think about what you do and the effects,” he said.

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