Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Kwaku Ampratwum-Sarpong, has said that the government is set to introduce chip-embedded passports within the next six months.

This move is in line with a directive from the bigwigs at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in Canada, the deputy minister disclosed.

In an exclusive interview with JoyNews on April 3, Ampratwum-Sarpong assured that despite the introduction of these new-fangled passports, the current biometric ones aren’t going anywhere just yet.

“When we roll out the chip-embedded passports, both types can be used for a minimum of one year or more. So if you’ve got the biometric, you can still use it for about a year and a half or even two years. We’re still mulling over the specifics,” he revealed.

The Deputy Minister also confirmed that these chip-embedded passports won’t cost a penny more. However, he did note that the current passport fees in Ghana are among the lowest in the West African sub-region.

The recent fee hike could help align them with the cost of passport issuance in neighbouring countries, he added.

While Ghanaians might not be thrilled about the recent increment in passport fees, the Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister insists it’s a necessary step.

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